Beyond all praise and criticism, renouncing the fruit of your labours, give a gift of music and meaning, and give this gift to all peoples.

Make an art of living, and express this art through your being.

Shine a light of compassionate loving kindness into the world. Represent the best of your people, be an ambassador of your people, and bring their worthy gifts into the hearts of those still willing to hear.

Represent archetypal truths, let your being express this with your every thought and deed. Composed and strong, penetrate the mind and destroy all indecision.

Do not be like a beast without a master. Instead, become your own master. Become the emperor of your inner empire. For this is the only space you have any hope of controlling in this world. And if you relinquish this space, then nothing else is possible.

The beast is controlled by his senses. He is quick to anger, which abandons his power. He is trapped in a spiral of craving and aversion from the pleasures and pains that he has defined.

The way of the higher man is to express nobility through your words and deeds. If you lower your vibrational frequency to that of the monsters you are fighting, then you have become a monster too. Orient your mind on where you aim to go, not on what you are leaving behind.

Strong in the mind, go forth into the world. You are a bringer of the light. Be a beacon of truth when all lights have gone dim.

Express your love for all life. Be one with the mountains and forests and stars. See yourself in a flower, here for a brief moment, perhaps colourful and strong for a time, but soon to wilt and fall away.

We cannot hold on to anything material, for it is like sand through our fingers, and every grain of time will find a way to fall.

Mankind is at the precipice of something terrible or magnificent. The spiritual path offers the noble warrior a role in this pivotal moment in history.

There can be no high enough reason to think our way out of our earthly predicament. We must go deeper than thought, surpassing logic, into the realm of the true spiritual centre, and to reveal to ourselves the reasons why we love life, why we love the world, all of nature, animals, sun and sky. Reveal what we love in our folk, in our unique expression of culture and faith.

Humanity needs a constructive vision, one that inspires the best in us, one that unites us all under a banner of peace. No one person can articulate this, it must be a chorus of voices determined to be heard.

Relight the torch of man!

George Burdi

December 2018