WE THE PEOPLE must act in unison to throttle unmitigated power structures wherever they emerge. Never forget that government institutions exist to SERVE the people, not the other way around. This is why whether one is "left" or "right", you should support nationalism, because it is the best buffer against the dystopian future of a one-world government.

Ewald Engelen, a social scientist at the University of Amsterdam, argues that the old paradigm of a left arguing for strong government intervention and a right preferring market solutions to social problems has been replaced. “Today, we see that the dominant dichotomy has become globalism versus nationalism.”

NATIONALISM and the nation-state is the best buffer of world power, and also the best containment strategy for when things go wrong in one region. Nationalism allows true democracy to exist, where the people get to decide the future of their own countries. This is natural, healthy, and the best bet for world peace. It is the opposite of the building of EMPIRES, which necessitates the destruction of national sovereignty, that produces war and endless conflict.

Nationalism protects the diversity of race, language, religion, and culture that organically emerges in each nation-state. If you love the diversity of human life, and indeed all life, then you should support NATIONALISM.

And, once a secure national sovereignty has been established, then vibrant people-power at the state/provincial and municipal levels is essential to throttle the power of the nation-state. Then the politicians answer to the people, not dictate to them.

The people of the world want peace, but the powers that be want a century of war.

There are two measures by which I judge a politician: (1) is he a globalist or a nationalist? and (2) is he pro-war or pro-peace?

On this eve of a new year, we issue a prayer for peace, and ask that we see the end of violent conflict in our lifetimes. Just as we can settle our personal differences through good communication, so too should nations be able to do the same.

The future seems bleak, but has not yet been decided. WE THE PEOPLE can choose PEACE over WAR and FREEDOM over SLAVERY.

Let your voice be heard, don’t keep it inside.

George Burdi
December 31st, 2018