We have come to a point in our history where everything needs to be evaluated again. All of the old accords have turned to dust and virtually every social contract has been broken. Man stands on the precipice of a startling future that bears little resemblance to any other epoch in human history. Hence we have no reference point. Where we go from here depends on where we place our ethical bets, either on a set of hastily constructed modern values, or on time-honoured principles we refer to as tradition.

Hierarchy, respecting the knowledge of antiquity, and having roles suitable to men and women in accordance with their natures are all hallmarks of a society built on tradition. Progressive virtues, the overthrow of all standards and conventions, and the radical deconstruction of every social norm are what we have instead, and we can see now where it leads: to an unfathomable depth of confusion, repression of free speech, and squandered human energy. But even more important to the man of the future than mere survival is the state of being, because surviving in a crude, vicious and lowly cultural manner is not an existence worthy of our lofty potential. If the soul dies, the body may be animated, but it has no meaning. Thus is the relationship between culture and civilization.

It is at this moment in time, when the cataclysmic victory of the modern world seems inevitable, that it is also the most vulnerable. This is because there are still those alive today who remember a different time, not too long ago, when echoes of the old world could still be heard. And as this new human era reveals its abyssal misfortunes, there is a final moment of stark contrast between the modern and the traditional, before the former engulfs the latter and erases it from all memory.

The external forces at work to hasten such a moment are considerable, but they are not so much the agents of this destruction as they are opportunists who perceive the rot and have come to tip the building over. Make no mistake about it; the collapse was internal.

Modern man believes that all of history has been a great building towards the crescendo of the current moment, that this era of advanced machines and socially engineered humanity is somehow the perfect culmination of events. But instead of being a victory line, the momentum leads straight over a cliff, and no one knows how deeply falls the abyss.

The men of the past knew the tenuous hold that we have on wisdom, and they had but a glimpse of what had already been lost. By the time of the Ancient Greeks, we had long fallen from our golden age state, and commenced upon three millennia of blood-soaked self-destruction. Fighting for narcissistic rulers, the war stage became our constantly repeating act of egoistic materialism, where we butchered one another over nearly irrelevant distinctions, because we lacked the knowledge and wisdom to project a different future.

Let us not repeat this destructive arrogance.

The truth of our being and the answers to the mystery of existence are not reducible to discursive thought. No great sage can answer these questions, because to do so is to contaminate the student with expectations that block the faculties of perception by turning the process into yet another action of the rational mind. Instead, one can only be given a map; he must set out and discover the answers for himself. Any attempt to codify the truth will only get bogged down in the poverty of words, for that which has not been apprehended by man has no language with which to describe it. Only experiential wisdom can take us beyond the confines of the rational mind.

We are going through a process of forgetting, and then rediscovering who we are. Most apprehended truths feel like a memory, as if we already knew something before having become fully aware of it, and then just rediscovered it again. Civilization goes though these same processes, each time lurching towards oblivion, but eventually the reborn man appears, forged in the furnaces of his own self doubt.

Let your mind’s eye burn away all indecision. Remember your name. Remember who you were born to be. Remember who you already are. Shed your skin like a snake, and cleanse your soul of the shameful modern era. Reconnect to the old energies, be a vessel for God and the gods. Swear an oath twice daily to live an honourable life in reverence of your ancestors, the divine, your family, and your own higher self. Do not bend your energy to match the modern world, instead create your own sanctuary away from it, and maintain the frequency that you know is more in line with your nature.

Do not remain in BECOMING, eternally insufficient. Instead enter a state of BEING, and project that outward into the world.

We are old souls, from bold and ancient lands.

Here from another dimension, we have come back to life again.

George Burdi

January 2019